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Why Choose Adrian College for Your Graduate Program?

Change Your Future

Whether you are the first in your family to pursue an advanced degree or you are hungry to know more and collaborate with colleagues that share your passion, Adrian College provides the tools to make you successful.

Change Your Future
Compete at a Higher Level

Compete at a Higher Level

An intensive, student-centered learning environment coupled with unique internship and professional-learning opportunities throughout your graduate studies at Adrian College will help you open doors in your field that may have been previously closed to you.

Explore Your Passion

Do you dream about being CFO of your firm? Do you want to influence the next generation of young learners? Do you aspire to travel and work with the country’s top athletes? A Master’s degree from Adrian college in one of our six specialized programs will elevate your career to the next level.

Explore Your Passion
Connect & Contribute

Connect & Contribute

The connections you make with peers, faculty, and alumni during your time at Adrian College only add value to your graduate degree. Stand-out alumni continue to be involved with the college through internship and career opportunities. How will you give back to fellow bulldogs?

Interested in Graduate Studies, but unsure if it’s worth the investment?
Here are six reasons why graduate school pays off:

1. Personal growth: Graduate school offers the opportunity to challenge yourself academically and develop your mind.

2. Greater employment opportunities: In many career sectors, a master's degree is now the minimum requirement for employment.

3. Greater career advancement: Your master’s degree is evidence that you are motivated, determined, intelligent, and able to handle challenges.

4. Financial reward: Consider the return on investment for a graduate degree holder. According to US News, those with a master’s degree or higher earn more than those with a bachelor’s degree.

5. Sense of accomplishment: Receiving a master’s degree or higher is an overwhelmingly satisfying experience.

6. Greater recognition and credibility: An advanced degree makes a difference on a résumé. It commands respect and recognition.

For more details, please read 6 Reasons Why Graduate School Pays Off from US News & World Report.

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