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Adrian College offers several specialized Master’s programs dedicated to help you enter your field or advance your career with a wide breadth of knowledge and experience under your belt.

Accounting Mission To prepare our students to become versatile accounting professionals, capable of ascending to partner, principle, CFO or corporate treasurer positions. Athletic Training Mission To help our students achieve success in the allied health profession of athletic training, as well as related fields of health and wellness through a supportive, student-centered learning environment. Criminal Justice Mission To prepare our students to be competent, knowledgeable generalists in the criminal justice field while instilling values of social action, peace and justice, and inclusion. Teacher Education Mission To embody the IB Primary Years Programme: Standards of Excellence while developing leadership skills and creative thinking in our students to impact the future of learning. Sports Admin & Leadership Mission To guide the personal and professional growth of individual students in a supportive, student-centered learning environment that propels them into a successful sports management career.