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Adrian College Policies & Procedures

Department of
Graduate Studies

Adequate Academic Progress

A 3.0 cumulative GPA is required to continue in each program. A letter regarding each student's progress toward graduation will be sent at the end of each semester by the Office of Academic Affairs. Students may not have more than two courses with a grade of “C” or less. A student may not repeat a class more than once.

Time Limitations

All full-time graduate students are required to complete the degree in three years. All part-time graduate students are required to complete the degree in five years. Written appeals for extension of the time limit will be considered by the Academic Status Review Committee.

Culminating Experience

All graduate programs require a culminating experience, either in form of a thesis or a project. Details about individual program requirements may be obtained from the specific Graduate Program Director.

Graduation Policies

Students are eligible for graduation if they are in good academic standing with a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or above, have fulfilled other requirements deemed necessary by their individual programs, have completed the required number of credits for the MA or MS, and have cleared all incomplete grades.

Review the entire Graduate Student Handbook by logging into your BlackBoard account.

Housing and Residence Life

The majority of graduate students choose to live off campus.  Graduate students desiring to live on campus must petition through Student Life to do so.  Graduate Students may, however, serve as Resident Advisors.  The application process begins every January through the Student Housing office.