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Adrian College Industrial Chemistry


Adrian College Undergraduate Students

Our current program, available only to Adrian College undergraduate students, provides rigorous, in-depth courses in a small, personal setting. You'll work with sophisticated instrumentation in close partnership with the faculty and have opportunities to pursue internships and summer jobs at major chemical corporations and laboratories. Current students will complete both a bachelor’s and master’s in five years of study.


Course Listing

The graduate program consists of the following courses:

CHEM 510: Industrial Chemistry (3)
CHEM 515: Intellectual Property and Patent Law (3)
CHEM 521: Polymer Chemistry (3)
CHEM 522: Polymer Chemistry Laboratory (1)
CHEM 531: The Chemist’s Relationship with Engineering (3)
CHEM 541: Advanced Problems and Issues in Chemistry (3)
CHEM 543: Supply Chain Management (3)
CHEM 550: Research in Chemistry (5)
CHEM 580: Capstone: Report on Research in Chemistry (2)
CHEM 599: Professional Internship (6)

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