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Adrian College Alumni

I will always remember my experiences in and out of the classroom that I had during my 5 years at Adrian College. The Athletic Training Education Program as a whole (classmates, curriculum, clinical experience, professors and preceptors) will be one of my greatest memories. The relationships that I made will last a lifetime. The Athletic Training Program gave me all of the tools that I needed to succeed during my education and I owe all of my present and future success to this program. 

Thank you.

Anthony Rossi, MSAT 2015

Two of us have established contracts with various sports teams. I am contracted with a USA Soccer Club Academy Soccer Team (Strikers Futbol - Orange County) and Matt Leinart Flag Football Academy. I have definitely run into a few bumps along the way with this process but one thing has always helped me to continue to rise above the day-to-day challenges that I may and have faced was the supportive program that you, Vic, and Heather have established along with the help of others. It is hands down what really molded me into the Certified Athletic Trainer that I am today. My level of confidence and self-worth as a professional was installed by the department every day during class and clinic. I will always be grateful.

I was promoted at my current position. I am still managing the DME  and ergonomic department, but I am also helping with the continued development of Newport Orthopedic Institute's Human Performance and Sports Medicine Program. There are four certified athletic trainers at our company (myself included), but I am the youngest and the only one with my Masters degree (I am little proud of that).

I hope all is well, sending sunshine from Cali to you all!

Nicole Murzen, MSAT 2015

I want to thank you all for the great education I was provided at Adrian. You have helped me reach such high goals and not many college grads can say they got a job just 2 weeks after graduation! I am working as a certified athletic trainer at Oahu Spine and Rehab. I wanted to tell you a little fact to let all those students who are thinking about athletic training either as a career or a stepping stone into future education (PT, etc.). 

When I started at OSR, the first day I was helping patients and working with 2-3 people at a time with no stress. My clinics over my past 4 years prepared me for exactly what I was doing. I work in the rehab dept. and help put together exercise programs for new patients and work as an extension of our PT department helping patients go through their exercises. And after just a few hours I was helping multiple patients on my FIRST day. When I spoke with the other ATCs I work with they made a very valid point. Athletic trainers have a different mindset than PTs. We are ready to get right to work. We can handle whatever is thrown at us, handle stress and are capable of managing multiple patients at a time.

This past week has made me very grateful for the education I was able to receive and the clinical sites I had over my college career.  So to all those students out there questioning if all the hard work is worth it...IT IS! And unfortunately, I was in your shoes once and know that this fact won't really hit you until you find that first job or move on to more schooling, - seeing that you are ahead of the curve and already have the ability to work with patients with confidence. Schooling is the base of education but experience is key to growing the knowledge that our professors plant in our brain. 

So, thank you professors...You make much more of an impact than you'll ever know. 

Hope all is well,

Chelsea Wanczyk, MSAT 2015